5 Big Tech Predictions to Watch in 2016

by Ciprian Paraschiv on 25th April, 2016


The battle between Facebook and Youtube for mobile videos traffic will intensify

Facebook is step by step becoming an awful competitor for Youtube for mobile videos, especially the short form ones. They recently added the autoplay and suggested videos features raised the traffic, and more and more companies will pick Facebook for video publishing.

Facebook recently added the local sales groups, enabling more brands and retailers selling on a social platform which is now a niche area in E-commerce.

Apple, Google and Samsung will advance their payment products

Android Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay … this seems to be the future of mobile payment. These companies will create commerce experiences around their payment products, increasing loyalty with store cards or coupons. There is no uncertainty that sooner or later, payment cards will move from our pockets to our mobile phone.

Apple will fix the issues around Apple Watch and wearables will grow as a segment of the tech industry

It is still long to be coming until Apple Watch will benefit from a widespread adoption. Although the technology doesn’t lack ingenuity (the fitness features may be considered a nice to have), the 400$ price is daunting many people. Its strict dependence on a mobile device is another great minus for the product.

If they manage to innovate to break down these 2 major inconveniences (and my bet is that they will manage it) we should expect for a higher adoption rate, allowing wearables segment grow in the tech industry.

Cable and satellite companies down, streaming services up

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, all these big players offering streaming services made huge investments in the past few years to acquire and produce their content. As the competition intensifies, I expect network television to continue losing ground unless they will start adapting by offering on-demand, app-based content.

Amazon will leave it’s shipping partners

Due to it’s continuing growth in revenues (their web services adding a key contribution) Amazon can continue investments in transportation and logistics. Recently, they bought an entire fleet of trailers.

Their vision of using drones for delivery may one day be the reality, although many things should be managed before the technology will be cutting through.

Those being said, we should soon expect Amazon to stop relying on third party carriers such as FedEx and UPS.

Ciprian Paraschiv


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