8 Web Design Websites You Should Keep an Eye On

by Ciprian Paraschiv on 12th December, 2015

Web design

We live in times of information overload, a new era in which the ability to harvest the right knowledge is the next scarce resource on which competitiveness is created.

Our time is limited, our needs for quality information is increasing. What are the options?

Reading blogs are the most lightweight and flexible way to keep up to date with your business environment. Quality blogs offer well structured, condensed information, ready to be adapted to your organizational best practices and culture.

We prepared you a list of websites we constantly keep an eye on, blogs that across time helped us define our best practices and that we appreciate for their quality content.

This is the Champions League equivalent for web designers, the platform where innovative ideas in web design are acknowledged and promoted. Does your company distinguish among its competitors through state of the art web design?

Are you in-line with the latest standards in the industry and you aim at seeking recognition? Measure your strengths with the best players in web design and get appreciation. The best submissions across the are rewarded in the Awwwards Conference held across different countries in both Europe and United States.


This is the house of web design addicts. The website is updated on a daily basis, with quality content on a wide range of hot topics such as jQuerry, CSS3, HTML5 , usability or responsive web design.


Designmodo is one of the best places on the web to find inspiration and valuable resources when you feel stuck. Blogging, tutorials, design trends, coding, tips, freebies as well as inspirational posts are some of the goodies you will find on Designmodo. The platform is also a marketplace where you can find premium design frameworks and Web UI Kits.

Smashing Magazine

Our list can never be completed without acknowledging Smashing Magazine for being a source of inspiration for us across time. They are considered one of the largest publishers of web development resources.

Vitaly Friedman, it’s editor-in-chief, one of the top 100 most followed Quora users, is one of the leading voices when it comes to dealing with complexity in UX, front-end, and problems in large companies.

We also highly recommend their Smashing Books series – a quality material.

A List Apart

They are a community of numerous writers who make heavy weather of web design and development, emphasizing a lot on the web standards and best practices. A big community means many different opinions. What ties them is the rigor they promote among the group to offer compelling outcomes to their readers.

UX Booth

We share this resource especially for beginners and intermediate professionals interested in user experience and interaction design. It is a community which shares stories by and for user experience professionals.

Boxes and Arrows

Boxes and Arrows is a peer-written journal who aims at promoting contributors excelling in graphic and interaction design, information architecture and business considerations.


Dribbble is well known as a playground for web design partisans, focusing much more on graphic design, rather than UX best practices. If you are a graphic designer, illustrator, icon artist, typographer, logo design this might be the best resource we recommend you from this list.

Ciprian Paraschiv


I am a breed of SEO specialist and UX Design advocate. My strong engineering knowledge is key to reconcile the distinct goals of the two areas. I design with user’s delight in my mind, while not averting from optimizing conversion rates.