Are You an Agency Planning to Open an Office in Romania? Here Is What You Need to Know!

by Ciprian Paraschiv on 11th November, 2015


When you speak of IT industry and Romania, you must begin with one word: growth. You don’t need to work on the field to realize this. Have a walk in the downtown of any big city and you will find at least five worldwide names advertised on buildings. Have a beer in a pub and one of two people you will meet is working in the field (chances are the ratio will be higher the closer you get to the bar).

We are passionate and engaged individuals

The truth is, yes, we love technology, we are creative and we like having our hearts into our work. We are a strange mix of highly skilled programming gurus and innovative designers. A mix of, judging by appearance, the last trends in fashion, on the one hand, and the same Pink Floyd T-shirts since high school, on the other (let you guess who is who). Our strong personalities combined results in great working environments that foreign people doing business here fell in love with. You will meet technology addicts who really know what they are talking about, ready to speak hours and passionately argue on the latest trends in the industry, be it product design, coding or management.

Many of us take our passions in our field outside of the offices, being active members of local IT communities. For example only in Iasi, one of the cities recording one of the most accelerated growths, there are over 20 technical communities that organize meeting on a regular basis, with the purpose of creating a shared learning.

English, please!

Although Romanian language is 60%  Latin language, we are really good English speakers. I’m writing this article and I realize I don’t remember meeting, in the last couple on years at least, any people in the industry, be it junior or senior, not to be able to have a conversation in the language of Shakespeare.

Many foreign people cannot understand how is it possible that Romania has one of the highest internet connections in the world (which is also cheap). We have 9 of the world’s top 15 cities with the fastest internet connection.

How did everything happen? We always had high skilled people in telecommunications. When the demand for Internet started to grow, there was no big player in the market to supply the need. In response, many small neighborhood networks began to launch. At first, these were just local areas for peer to peer file transfer. Local network operators realized they could use the LAN”s as an affordable way to sell inexpensive high-speed internet, installing overhead internet cables.

Is Romania an expensive country to open an office for your agency?

Now that I awoke a little bit your interest grab your pen and paper and let me help you start making some calculations.

Your agency will first need an office. In this sector, the market has same accelerated growth, new buildings springing up like mushrooms. In Bucharest, for example, the medium price for renting premium buildings is somewhere around 18 euro/m2/month. The price gets lower to 10-12 euro in areas closer to the peripheries. In cities like Timisoara, Iasi and Cluj, the prices on average are lower, 11-13 euro/m2/month, except the newest buildings, situated downtown, where the price are getting higher.

How much should you expect to pay for salaries? The salary for a junior start at 500 euros and for seniors, it can get to 2-3000 euro, especially if they also take management duties. For a designer expect to pay 30% lower the salary you would offer to a programmer with the same experience. Comparing with the salaries Romanians get in other industries, an average programmer will admit he earns good money, enough to assure a comfortable life. But please keep in mind that these costs don’t include all the taxes.

However, comparing with other countries, Romania is somewhere at the bottom of the list, although the quality of the work we do does not differ in any sense.


I hope I gave you a taste of the opportunities that Romania offers to those interested into opening and agency in the “Carpathian garden”. Here you will find passionate, technology addicts, adaptable to any business cultures thanks also to our high English skills. Our love for technology allowed us to build the necessary infrastructure for one of the fastest internet connections in the world. We are cheap comparing with people in IT from other countries, but if I’m one of those high skilled developers/designers that you want to hire, prepare to show me a great vision and manage my expectations as I am difficult to convince.

Ciprian Paraschiv


I am a breed of SEO specialist and UX Design advocate. My strong engineering knowledge is key to reconcile the distinct goals of the two areas. I design with user’s delight in my mind, while not averting from optimizing conversion rates.