Why We Embrace User Centered Design?

by Ciprian Paraschiv on 20th October, 2015

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There is no ruling voice in Dots N’ Bits, and barely any guideline or principle in our process has a mandatory stamp, as there are no two projects the same. What keeps unstirred in our day to day design practice is our user-centered approach. We create websites having real people in mind, trying to match in pixels as much as possible their attitudes and needs.

Avoid falling into the trap of assuming that you and your users are always in unison regarding their expectations, and stop designing for yourself. At  Dots ’N Bits we’re putting ourselves on our end user’s boots.

It’s your customer’s satisfaction that drives your business success

Think of each of your user’s interaction with your website as a conversation or a negotiation. They come to your website with a specific goal. Understand what drives their needs, their concerns, their expectancies. Develop their attachment for your solution.

You are not a seller, you’re a trusting partner!

You are not your users

Designing for yourself is not an option. Most startups fail because they are creating a product nobody wants. Users have different goals and don’t develop the same level of attachment you might have for your product.

Even if you believe your product is revolutionary, even if you think you’ve got the magic formula, you must make sure your vision is not ahead of your time. Bill Gross, founder of Idealab, presents in his TED talk the results of his study on what drives startups success. He analyzed data gathered from hundreds of companies and came to the conclusion that timing is the top success factor.

Benefits of using Personas

In order to match our user’s expectations, at the core of our every design is the creation of personas.

A persona is a character we create based on our user research input, created as realistic as possible, emblematic for a customer’s segment of the targeted public. Creating personas facilitates decisions in our design process by shifting our focus from an egocentric to a user-centric perspective. We create a shared vision of whom we create the user experience for.

Over time, personas have made a greater and greater impact within organizations

Using personas allow us to create scenarios of how the interactions with the websites might happen. These are the prerequisites for creating deliverables such as process diagrams, site maps, and page wireframes.

Content writers, visual designer, marketers… they are all persona dependent. Without a clear picture in mind, your message would be ambiguous, faded designs would replace appealing ones, and marketing campaigns would not be possible without a customer segmentation.

Personas not only align every person active in the website design process but are increasingly being adopted to form the groundwork for business strategy.

Personas are used to uncover market opportunities, helping companies to establish better and appraise potential product and service offerings, distribution channels.

At Dots N’ Bits we embrace a customer-centric approach to creating website designs that match your user expectations. The design process is a collective effort of increasingly connecting the dots to create a whole understanding of who your users are. Bearing their picture in mind, we match their needs with suitable and appealing user experiences.

Ciprian Paraschiv


I am a breed of SEO specialist and UX Design advocate. My strong engineering knowledge is key to reconcile the distinct goals of the two areas. I design with user’s delight in my mind, while not averting from optimizing conversion rates.